If you have an older, metal tank it probably needs replacing, condensation causes the tank to corrode from the inside taking you completely by surprise.

Regulations imposed on oil tank installations are for your benefit. An oil leak is a very costly thing to clean up. The main causes of most incidents are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on badly prepared bases and never maintained since installation.

An oil tank should be inspected annually then any potential problems can be remedied before they become a major incident.

We will replace your tank with the minimum disruption to yourselves and leave everything in good working order and the area clean and tidy.

How long will it take to replace my oil tank?
A straightforward installation would take around 4 - 5hrs. When you upgrade from a single skin tank to a bunded tank often the base is not large enough to comply with regulations for a bunded tank, therefore you may need a complete new base or the existing one modified.

Do I need to wait for my oil tank to be empty before you can replace it?
No we can pump out fuel into a holding tank and once your new tank is installed, we can pump back the filtered oil into it. Filtering the oil means that no dirt that has been lying in your old tank will be transferred to the new one.

Can you install my tank in a different location ?

There are many factors that may need to be considered before choosing the location of your oil tank.  Access -  it needs to be easy for tankers to refill the tank.  Many customers decide to relocate tanks to utilise space in a more effective way.

All tank installations are covered by safety legislation and building regulations which affects where a tank can be located. You need to consider proximity to boundaries and buildings (fire protection) and the size of the tank.

What size of tank will I need ?

This all depends on the size of your home. Click here to view our guide to choosing your oil tank - Opens in a new window.

Will you take away my old tank on completion?
Yes we can take away your old tank and environmentally dispose of as per regulations , for which a fee is applied .

Who are OFTEC?

OFTEC is an independent body that accesses and certifies engineers as competent to work within the oil fired heating and cooking sector. They operate a UKAS accredited competent person registration scheme for over 8,000 technicians involved in the installation and maintenance of oil, solid fuel, and renewable heating equipment  Business owners and homeowners can feel confident that all approved engineers will carry out all installations to the correct standards and that they also conform to the latest legislation.

Why use an OFTEC technician?

We are individually trained; independently assessed every 5 years to maintain the high standard of work necessary.

What’s an Oil loop such as a ‘Tiger Loop’?
An oil loop is a de-aerator that helps remove any air or gas bubbles from the oil pipe. A Tiger Loop is installed when your oil tank is situated at a lower height than your boiler, the Tiger Loop draws the fuel to the boiler. If you have a Tiger Loop in situ we would recommend you install a top outlet, bunded tank.

I’ve got water in my oil, what can I do?
We draw off the water from the bottom of the tank using a vacuum pump and then we dip the oil tank with a water detection paste to test if we’ve removed it all. We then flush the line to remove years of build up of sediment. If your oil line is more than 10yrs old we would recommend you replace it with a bunded oil line (plastic coated copper pipe).

What is the process to install a new Oil Tank?

•   Transfer the remaining oil in your existing tank to our holding tank.

•   Next we remove your old oil tank.

•   We install your new tank on either a new base or existing base.

•   We reconnect the oil supply pipe and transfer the oil to new tank.

•   Finally we make sure your boiler is running.

•   We have a good tidy up before driving off with your old tank.

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